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Star Guide to Weddings

Do you want a "rock star" Leo marriage or an enduring Taurus union? Wedding planning mixes with astrology in Star Guide to Weddings — a cosmic cocktail of marriage insight based on the Sun sign of your wedding day.

You can't choose your Sun sign, but you CAN choose the sign of your marriage! This fun-to-read guide takes you through every sign of the zodiac, describing how each can flavor your new life as a married couple. See how your career, health, children, creative spirit, friends, spiritual beliefs, and the overall "personality" of your marriage can be influenced by the stars.

The perfect gift for engaged couples, this entertaining guide also includes tips for choosing a wedding date along with ideas for celebrating the special day with flowers, colors, and other symbols to honor the astrological energy enriching your union.

Praise for Star Guide to Weddings

"Marriages have horoscopes too! Each has its own personality, purpose, and needs. Whether you're planning the perfect wedding or hoping to nourish the marriage you already have, this little book is an indispensable guide. Decades of experience with weddings and brides make April the premier astrologer to consult before and after the "I do's." April's writing is fun, her stories engaging, and best of all, her insights and advice are right on."
     -- Dana Gerhardt, The Mountain Astrologer magazine

"April's elegant book is the kind of astrological gem I most treasure. Without pretense or wordiness, she distills a tremendous amount of wisdom and helpfulness down into simple images and guidelines. And after a quarter century of marriage myself, I can promise you that everything she says about the Capricorn relationship is spot-on! I suspect couples married under the other eleven signs will agree."
     -- Steven Forrest, author of "The Inner Sky"

"I’ve had more sheer fun reading around in this beautiful volume than I’ve had in a single book in years!... It’s delightful, personifying marriage, inviting it to sit down with you and look you in the eye for a good, lifelong talk!

April’s book boldly, incisively, and entertainingly answers four questions: What is your purpose for being together? What does your marriage need and what keeps you together? What is your marriage style? What does your marriage want to help you become?

In these pages you’ll discover your marriage sign, read about famous marriages that share your sign, and learn about potential strengths, weaknesses, and challenges that you ought to be aware of as you navigate the rapids of marital bliss.

I know a lot of people who will say, “Gee, I wish I’d read this book before marriage number two!” Well, here it is at last! Treat yourself, and buy the book for friends and loved ones, too. It’s a great gift, and of course it’s a must for anyone you know who is contemplating the sacred union of marriage!"
~ Robert McDowell, author, "Poetry as Spiritual Practice"


Author April Elliott Kent

April Elliott KentApril Elliott Kent has been a professional astrologer since 1990 and is a longtime member of both ISAR and NCGR. A regular contributor to Llewellyn’s Moon Sign Book and The Mountain Astrologer magazine, she has also contributed articles to the websites,, and AOL Horoscopes. Star Guide to Weddings is her first book. April lives in San Diego with her husband of 15 years and their two cats. Visit her website or contact her by email.


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